Keep food fresh longer
with FreshrPack™ active
anti-bacterial technology

Conservation at a micro level – that’s what FreshrPack™
will facilitate to protect food freshness at every step from
processing to the consumer’s table. 

Extend shelf life
by 15 to 30%

  • Reduce bacterial spoilage
  • Reduce chemical spoilage
  • Reduce water loss

Naturally Freshr

  • Anti-bacterial components are naturally-derived
  • No additives to food
  • FreshrPack™ Roll and Bag are 100% biodegradable in an industrial composting facility
  • Developing the first compostable High OTR film that is compliant with the rigorous FDA requirements

Ready to roll...

  • Replaces existing packaging
  • Can be used in skin or vacuum packaging applications
  • Available in rolls to seamlessly integrate into existing processing lines

Why Freshr is Better

Compared to traditional packaging, and even more advanced MAP offerings,
FreshrPack™ has the sustainability advantage.



Modified Atmosphere 
Packaging (MAP)
Bio-Active Film
Reduces Water Loss    
Slows Bacterial Growth    
Sustainable Packaging    
Easy Implementation    


Coating / Diffusion
Bio-Active Film
Considered a food additive    
Mentioned on the food label    
Application with fresh proteins    
Replace current protein packaging    




Freshr increases return on investment
for the entire value chain while
reducing food waste and reliance on
traditional plastics.

Longer shelf life,
less organic waste,
less methane emissions

By prolonging the shelf life of fresh proteins, FreshrPack™ helps reduce the amount of organic waste created, which in turn has a big impact on the environment.


A third party provider, Boundless Impact, assessed the GHG impact of our technology. Read the full report here.

Say goodbye to plastic

FreshrPack™ Roll and Bag are 100% compostable in an industrial composting facility, reducing plastic waste, reliance on petrochemicals, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Less waste = more value

Longer shelf life can have a significant economic impact
for retailers, exporters, and processors.


Extend shelf life
of fresh seafood by 2-4 days

Translates to 50%
reduction in waste


This estimation was done with one major Canadian grocery retailer (40% market share)

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