About Us

Freshr Technologies (formerly Impactful Health R&D) develops sustainable active packaging solutions to extend the shelf life of fresh proteins. Our Purpose is to innovate a zero-food waste future using advanced materials. Our vision for 2030 is to redefine the fresh protein sector globally by delivering 100 million pounds of fresh proteins using our innovative shelf-extension FreshrPack  technology.

Meet our Team

Mina Mekhail, PhD
CEO and Founder

Rafael Castiello, PhD
Director of R&D

Logan Craik, BEng
Junior Project Engineer

Maddie Greatorex, BSc
Lab Technician (Chemistry)

Jack McBeath, BSc
Lab Technician (Biochemistry)

Cecilia McInnis, BSc
Lab Technician (Microbiology)

Megan Rennie, BSc
Microbiologist I

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