About Us

Freshr Technologies (formerly Impactful Health R&D) develops sustainable active packaging solutions to extend the shelf life of fresh proteins. Our Purpose is to innovate a zero-food waste future using advanced materials. Our vision for 2030 is to redefine the fresh protein sector globally by delivering 500 million pounds of fresh proteins using our innovative shelf-extension FreshrPack  technology.

Meet our Team

Mina Mekhail, PhD
CEO and Founder

Rafael Castiello, PhD
Director of R&D

Robert Mackinnon, CPA, EMBA
Fractional CFO

Logan Craik, BEng
Junior Project Engineer

Maddie Greatorex, BSc
Lab Technician (Chemistry)

Jack McBeath, BSc
Lab Technician (Biochemistry)

Cecilia McInnis, BSc
Lab Technician (Microbiology)

Megan Rennie, BSc
Microbiologist I

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