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Freshr’s proprietary coating technology has many applications for sustainable packaging solutions. These products are in development and available soon. Please register your interest to be among the first to receive updates on availability.

FreshrPack™ Roll

Our antibacterial technology applied on compostable film for skin and vacuum packaging fresh proteins. We also comply with the high OTR requirement for fresh seafood.

FreshrPack™ Bag

Our antibacterial technology applied in a vacuum bag format for retailers and markets looking to cut fresh protein waste and capture otherwise lost value.

FreshrPack™ Liner

Our antibacterial technology in a liner format to be placed between fresh fish fillets being transported in bulk. The fresh fish will arrive at their destinations with less bacterial load, and an extended shelf life.

FreshrPack™ Compostable High OTR Film

Introducing the market's first sustainable seafood skin packaging solution: our FDA-compliant, high oxygen transmission rate (OTR) compostable film ensures fresh quality while championing environmental responsibility.

Real Time Shelf-Life Assessment

We provide a detailed report on the shelf life of your fresh fish product. This has significant value to various stakeholders in the seafood supply chain.

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